Havens Philanthropy was founded on love, empathy, and concern for one of the most marginalized and “forgotten” group of people- those in prison. It started from Jessica having vivid dreams of those in prison crying out for help. Jessica age 14 at that time had begged her uncle to take her to Ikoyi Prison in Lagos Nigeria. She stood on a high rise building from where she could look into the prison. She became convinced that she was made to save these ones- bring them out of “darkness” into the “light”.

Fast forward to now Jessica has formed teams of fellow passionate people to visit prisons across Nigeria(Ikoyi, Kirikiri, Okigwe) during which medical supplies, food items, toiletries, and baby supplies were given to the inmates and over a thousand of them were taught personal, mind, wealth development skills to enable them thrive outside prison.

Havens Philanthropy is not another nonprofit or NGO. We are a community of people who believe that regardless of who a person is, we can show them love. We believe in and support other people/organizations working towards the progress of mankind for we know that we are not in competition but all in the same lane of the same race to show all of God’s creation, LOVE.